A mysterious palpitation Mysterious paths to shade the colourful grave The heart speaks for the brave As for the weak, behind remains the expectation Wired by animosity We all share some degree of monstrosity And beauty runs by every raindrop’s vacuum A lonely brain, a broken room Despair, such an electrifying part of a romance…


The sun loving. Before The rain dies. After A page lies. Up The night giving. Is? Bravery from you. And Overwhelming passing through. Never An eternity of nothingness, rising Above forgiveness, we are meaningless, purple Hearts fed up to forget. Remorse And useless regret.


An ice-cream truck nearby. She Listened to its chimes. Was she about to lie? No! just remembering some good old times… Waiting Because the afternoon will rise soon. By The romantic sentiment of enlightenment, and static… The Daylight collided with the night. Park Of hopes glooming old… As… As inside… As inside she mopes.


From the deeps of inspiration Seeking to create a diversion With a drop of faith With frustration’s wraith PASSION ANGER LOVE DISAPPOINTMENT COMPASSION HUNGER ANOINTMENT An infinite out of nothing Nothing when it seems to be everything A distraction, a fortunate accident A beautiful contradiction, a perpetual lament MASTERY MYSTERY MISERY AGONY


How could I? How could I ignore The love’s storm galore? I’m not stronger than before And yet, I dare to lie How could she? How could she let this be? Breaking gently like the sea With no room for questions No seeking for any suggestions How could we? How could we forget About simplicity…

Raining stars

A heartless night Secrets from afar Shooting star Raining, raining out of sight So close to silence So desperate to listen Far away from lover’s arc Love is an act of defiance Over death’s fiction Lighting shadows through the dark Pouring stars Up, way above the sky With raging thunders Mesmerising wonders For those who…

Clap! Clap!

Minimal Rachitic A major flaw, over A brutal trouble being solve Specific Broken crimson clover Rhythms getting revolve Animal Nothing else, if we got time There is nothing to understand Simply complex is this land Not a chance to rhyme Torrent Flow Again, with empty ideas Interrupt the electric current Glow Erase Delete Incomplete Try…

Let me out!

Weird thoughts of the weirdest kinds Deep inside lighted minds Strange music from tomorrow’s days So many meanings to all, so easy to rephrase Mysteries remained unsolved Today’s ears failed to be involved Strange faces from the strangest type Expecting for anger to wipe their gripe

Here you are

Here you are With your willing to remain standing With your heart beating at a different rate With other worlds in mind Here you are Maybe way too far With your colours fully unwind A little too early, always too late Still recovering from your hard landing Here you are… And hopefully, you will rise…


You are always with me Travers endless nights Through time A melody that survived its final line With rainbow-like sights When two hearts don’t agree A song is, in disguise, the perfect apology…