Freaky Monday Vol. 1 Alligator


An alligator was hanging from the leaving room ceiling
Ancient history looking at me, somehow smiling, somehow crying
The crosswinds were dancing with this kindle moment of awkwardness
Why was this animal here right in the middle of my deep nothingness?

A strange sensation interrupted my drowned inertia
Music! Tangible music began to ramble inside my left pocket
Was all this part from a new kind of dementia?
What used to be “my music” and a childhood monster gathered as if they were some sort of new prophet

The notes were cherishing my leg, like if they intended to find relief under my skin
And the animal’s sight was digging so deep inside my fake sense of confidence
I was like an empty frame, naked, useless with nothing to show within
Suddenly, the gator moved, not ferocious but with a strange taste of omnipresence…

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