A new world begins with a different word

A different word speaks with a shiny letter

A shiny letter glows with a tasteful moment…

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  1. Jessica says:

    Beautiful ❤
    Welcome back cariño, you been missing in action a lot recently…

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    1. lynyo says:

      Querida!! I know! Long time no see!!!! Missed you!! Happy to read you!!❤️
      Thanks for passing by!!

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      1. Jessica says:

        I miss reading in your blog too ❤️ and pick on you 😂
        I wish you a great day cariño 🤗

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      2. lynyo says:

        Jajajajajaja I know!! You are a true challenge querida! L
        Have a great one too!!😀😀

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      3. Jessica says:

        I’m glad you think so! ❤
        By the way cariño there's an L staring at me 😂

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      4. lynyo says:

        Jajajaja it was a test!! The L of laughter!!

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      5. Jessica says:

        Oh… I though it was for L👀king if I do things right 😀

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      6. lynyo says:

        But you always do, so that will be cheating! Are you cheating, querida?

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      7. Jessica says:

        🤭 I will cariño, if it feels right and knows no will get hurt 😂

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      8. lynyo says:

        😂😂 of course, querida! I know you will, because you are bold 😉

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      9. Jessica says:

        😁 Are you sure you don’t know me in person cariño? You seem to know me well 😀

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      10. lynyo says:

        I don’t have the honor to know you in person, but I’m getting to know you spirituality…🤭querida…

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