A summer sky glance reflected in your eyes… In my dreams… In our impossibility

The warmth of autumn’s riddance shivering down your skin… Out of reach

A glazed gaze from winter spread fading wild between us… A lonesome dream

All we have is a pale spring dying daily amongst our cherish moments and kisses…

We are radiant and young, yet too old to grow more

The cruelty of life is even greater than the cruelty of death

Still, i can wait for you… For now… For today… For good… Forever…

Impossible us and this world left up to chance

Impossible you with your magic glowing all over the skies

Impossible me with my inability to be what you need

Impossible passive aggressive thought, the cry for what we are yearning it’s true love longings…

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  1. Jessica says:

    Maybe there’s more chance in the future. I believe in fate. If you’re meant to be, you’ll be together in the end.

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    1. lynyo says:

      Hi! Perhaps you are right but on the other hand, as Oscar Wilde wrote ”The mystery of love is even greater than the mystery of death” so we can’t know for sure…

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      1. Jessica says:

        haha that I can’t argue.

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      2. lynyo says:

        Jajajaja I know, Mr. Wilde was a wise man

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