The fall


Would you listen to my voice?

Would you stand still at the verge of times and disappear with me?

Stay next to me during this fall

Let the wind and the rocks destroy our bodies

We are no longer inside them… We are no longer there

Can you feel my touch?

Tell me if I’m still real

Because I don’t think I can feel… No more…

Feelings are for living people and I died so long ago

Take my hand… Fall with me

I’m lost at the bottom of the endless pit

Every part of me is broken

But not from the fall

I broke into your arms

You have blown me to bits

From all these truthful hits

And you have ripped me off

Whit every passionate kiss

And still, I can’t muster up if I’m dreaming or not

Maybe we both are and we just forgot… Forgot about this fall

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