Magnificent obsessions


The shapes that formed in the ceiling are moving

How I wish I could move too

Strange formations of dark conceptions crawling towards me

How I wish I could run free

Schizophrenic lucubration

How I wish I could scream away from all these words! Ahhhhhh

Shadows, shapes… Shades… Tainted skin

There is no cure nor a vaccine

Whispering creatures staring at me

How I wish this was a dream

How did they manage to escape from the dungeons of my mind?

They’ve devoured the insides of thoughts and they are starving now, eager for more…

What happens to the beauty that I’ve seen before?

Is it gone like the perfect soft touch from your skin?

Will I be unable to recognize live’s pristine essence?

I just wanted to be moved by the sunset

To fall for the sunrise… To be next to you

Oh, glorious contradiction oh, magnificent obsession…

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