All he was/ all he wasn’t

He was such a gentleman

A tortured soul aching a gentle heart

He was stubborn and brave enough

Interesting at first, childish at the end

Sometimes he was a lion

Other times he was a rotten scarecrow

He was not a hero, but he could be my savior

He was my friend and lover

Now he is just a shade of a ghost

An old man buried under his own stupidity

A melancholic memoir of the afternoon delight

Every part of him is now missing

If I tell you that I loved this man once, would you call me crazy?

I was crazy, he made me crazy

Craziness, such a perfect state of mind

Such it is love, but both shall fade into the claws of routine, into dreams of desperation

How I wish he was human, how I wish he wasn’t dead inside.

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