Hold dear

It’s time to let go, let go the things we hold deeply

It’s time to let life run its course

We went from bad to worse

And nothing more changed, sadly

I can’t seem to wake up from this nightmare

The disappointed of our dying love awaits

It seams only yesterday when we shared the same dreams, the same air

Now I feel like I’m the cause of all your hates

It’s time to let go all the things we hold dear

But every time I think about it my blood runs with fear

How can I move on with half of my heart ripped apart?

How can we just let go all that we cherished in our start?

I hold you, dear, I still do, may the day come when I care no more

When all my tears for you have dry

When I no longer need to know why

I will always hope you find what you looking for

I hold you dear

I will always do

But I needed you near

Because all my reaming love is for you

I hold you dear… I will always do

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