We are lost


If you can’t understand how special you are… We are lost.

People love you because you dare to do things that no one else does… You dare to smile, you dare to care, you dare to be unique, you dare to feel and to commit, you dare to conquer and to be conquered, you dare to love.

If you can’t see your own beauty… We are lost

Is that beauty that makes the infinity of the spring become shy, the beauty that makes every sunrise seems a little bit shallow, the one that took my breath away every day for the past few years… You… Always you my dear.

If you give up on you… We are lost.

If you dare to think that you deserve to suffer, or even worse, that you don’t deserve to be love, even if it’s just for one second, then we truly are comply lost, and all of this, all this pain will be just another season passing by… So don’t you dare, reach, grow, don’t give up, none of us is worthy of a tear of yours.

This is for you, it’s funny because maybe you’ll never read it or care, but, it is, with all my heart wish you to ignite once more… Yes, you my love, cause if you remain in the shadows… We are lost.

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